Winter is Safety Season at Belknap Landscape

By January 27, 2020Uncategorized

This January has proven to be an active one for snowstorms in the Lakes Region. Still, the Belknap Landscape crew has been able to find time between plowing, shoveling, and sanding to learn about safety and emergency preparedness. An integral part of our company identity is our safety culture, and we’re always up for continuing education. Here’s what we’ve been up to this month.

In early January, with the help of Hebron Fire Department, many of our crew members received training on CPR, First Aid, and Stop the Bleed processes. We spent two days at the Gilford Community Center learning about how to respond to these types of emergencies, and ways we can help save life or limb should the worst-case scenario happen.

Last week, we participated in OSHA 10 training provided by a safety instructor from the National Association of Landscape Professionals. Over two days at the Laconia Country Club, we learned about identifying hazards on the job, methods of preventing injury or death, and how we as professionals can ensure the safety of our teammates, and those who share our work spaces. As a result of this training, 32 crew members will soon receive their OSHA cards.

Additionally, last week Mark Cote and others from Cross Insurance in Laconia shared a presentation with our crew members on ways they can better be safe at work regarding illness, injury, allergic reactions, and winter driving. Discussion topics included safe vehicle following distances, safe speed, skid and spin recovery, and myriad other safe-driving issues.

Finally, to complement these training programs, a number of our leaders have attended Tree Care Industry Association classes on crew leadership. These classes provide excellent general leadership instruction and the classes’ focus on professionalism and training, which enables our leader to better promote and execute on our safety culture. Safety involves everyone in our company, and our leaders are especially important to set, maintain, and encourage our safety standards.

Safety is an ongoing practice here at Belknap Landscape. We’re fortunate to have the cooperation of local organizations and industry associations to help us continue our safety legacy. January 2020 has been an important safety training month for our team, and we’re proud of their efforts and accomplishments this winter and we look forward to more training throughout the year.

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