Why Go Wireless – With Your Sprinkler System

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While the wireless trends may have started with computers, they certainly haven’t stopped there. Today, everything from thermostats to door locks can be remotely controlled from wherever an internet connection exists.

One of the more recent things to join the wireless trend is irrigation systems. Yes, sprinkler systems, and the benefits of going wireless for any residential and commercial property are plentiful. Here’s a closer look at some of the top benefits of going wireless with your landscape irrigation system:


Wireless Water Saving Irrigation System

5 Reasons to Take A Sprinkler System Wireless

  1. Save Water (and Money): Wireless sprinkler systems host a range of parameters that can be set to help conserve water and properly apply water based on weather conditions. These systems can increase and decrease run times based on the weather conditions and temperatures without having to be on site to make changes. In other words, the days of worrying about wasting water or oversaturating your yard are over with a wireless system.
  2. Remote Monitoring: Like any appliance, irrigation systems are subject to regular upkeep and repair for successful long-term operation. But with a remote sprinkler system, troubleshooting is a whole lot easier. For instance, systems are able to monitor things like flow rate and valves to more specifically alert users if a problem is detected.
  3. Save Time and Labor Costs: Irrigation technicians are trained to use a mix of skills to troubleshoot and diagnose issues on conventional sprinkler systems. With a wireless irrigation management system, errors are detected and reported via the system. This knowledge allows the technician to turn off the system remotely, preventing further damage to the system and your property until the problem can be assessed and repaired on site.

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4. Remote Functionality: Whether you want to change the time settings on sprinkler zones or take a closer look to make sure it’s operating efficiently, you no longer have to be standing at the on-site controller to do it. Simply pull up the app on a smartphone, tablet or computer and technicians are able to adjust settings and analyze system operations. Homeowners are able to pull up the app and see when the system has run, if it’s running at the moment and the next time it’s scheduled to run.

5. Better Overall Service: For homeowners, life becomes a lot more simple with a wireless sprinklers and a landscape company to manage it. Things like time zone adjustments can be carried out off site, leaving you with less interruptions to your day. Even when a professional needs to be on site, for a winterization or spring startup, tasks can be accomplished much faster with a wireless system.


Bonus Tip: Partnering with a landscape company to manage your irrigation system is the most cost effective and convenient option. An expert will ensure that your system is performing at its best and that your landscape is getting exactly the amount of water it needs. Overwatering your landscape can be detrimental; landscape professionals are trained to know exactly what your landscape needs. This relationship means your sprinklers are one less thing you have to worry about, giving you more time to spend doing the things you love but also piece of mind to be able to monitor your irrigation system at anytime with the touch of a button.

In a day and age where time is precious, consider making your irrigation system wireless to save you time, save you hassle and save you money. When everything from your bank account to your thermostat can be monitored from an app on your smartphone, why not go wireless with your irrigation system?

Maybe your lawn needs a little TLC before upgrading your irrigation system? Take a look at our five step guide for the ultimate lawn renovation to find out the best way to approach the project. Reach out to us if you’re ready to find out how a wireless irrigation management system can help your property.

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