Why are Eastern White Pines dropping needles?

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Eastern White Pine has comprised the backbone of our landscape for many thousands of years. Why are many of these trees suffering recently? white pine decline

‘White Pine Needle’ cast and ‘Brown Spot’ are fungal diseases which attack the prior season’s foliage. These diseases are problematic in cool and wet spring which we’ve observed in the past number of seasons. The infected trees are further stressed by severe summer droughts which have also been a problem for consecutive years. Fungicide sprays are impractical since many trees reach more than 100 feet in height, and researchers have not discovered any viable control methods.

white pine decline

Spring of 2019 has been particularly cool and wet. Our fear is that these conditions combined with last summer’s record breaking drought have stressed some of our White Pine trees beyond the limits of survivability.

Our focus should clearly be on sound cultural practices, particularly fertilization and irrigation during drought conditions. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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