Top Reasons to Consider Landscape Lighting

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In the beginning, you planned out your dream yard. You have the garden, the flowers, the waterfall, the patio, and the firepit. Now it’s time to update your property and install the finer details.

Landscape lighting is the perfect solution to gain 24/7 access to your newly renovated property! More and more homeowners are investing in landscape lighting and there are several key reasons that support this trend. Learn why landscape lighting is a highly sought out, functional upgrade for New Hampshire homes.

Lighting and Flowers by Belknap Landscape Co.

Extended Living Space

Outdoor poolside lighting by Belknap Landscape Co.

When it comes to outdoor lighting homeowners usually think about steps/porches, garages, and light posts. One of the greatest advantages to adding landscape lighting to your property is the benefit of extending your living area from the interior to the exterior. Adding lightscaping, as it is commonly referred to, increases the home’s living space both physically and visually. You may have a fire pit or even tiki torches, however investing in quality landscape lighting can extend the footprint of your property visually increasing the ease of use as well as the ambience.

Common enhancements having the most impact are lit pathways to a:

  • Dock
  • Beach
  • Patio
  • or Firepit

One of the main purposes of lightscaping is to guide your guests through the key points of the landscape. Using well-placed outdoor lighting will result in people gravitating outside and following the natural flow of the landscape.

Accentuate Natural Beauty

From the beginning, homeowners make a significant investment when purchasing a new home. Deciding to enhance the property is a decision made to continue investing in a property you are proud to own. Landscape lighting significantly enhances the natural beauty and features of your property. Both LED and low-voltage lighting can be used to highlight your home’s architectural elements, beautiful gardens, specimen trees & shrubs, and water features. This is because Lightscaping visually enhances the depth of view and can illuminate these special features. Consider how the landscape lighting is viewed from both the interior and exterior of your home. A well-thought lighting plan adds a warm, comfortable feel to outdoor living spaces. In our climate, landscape lighting also provides a special effect on the landscape in snow and ice conditions.

Safety and Security

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Landscape lighting extends the visual footprint of a residential property, therefore increases the lines of site to property perimeters, walkways, waterfront, etc. The addition of driveway and pathway lighting significantly improves the safety and security of individuals traversing the property. Not only is landscape lighting an efficient solution for security, but it also helps light the way for guests. With all the natural stone that is used here in New England, a little landscape lighting will help decrease the chances of someone tripping on the way into the home. With the addition of landscape lighting, you will have more peace of mind when entertaining. Strategically placed landscape lighting, particularly boundary lighting on fences or hedges can deter unwelcome guests.

Low Maintenance Project

outdoor lighting

In addition to all of these benefits, landscape lighting is a low maintenance, non-invasive project. Being low voltage, the wire installation for this type of lighting is only buried 3-6” into the landscape, so the installation is reasonably simple. With today’s innovative technology, fixtures have improved the longevity and quality of light coming from LED lamps. LED bulbs also provide the installer with flexibility as there are less technical restrictions.

When selecting fixtures, you may want to avoid box store systems as they are usually manufactured to hit a price point. There are many excellent choice for manufacturers who utilize brass, copper and bronze fixtures with high quality materials in the electrical side of the unit. LED bulbs also come in many different grades. A high quality outdoor lighting LED bulb usually runs between $25 and $50 while the lower quality choices can cost as little as $10. However, when installing a fixture in the landscape, higher grade materials and installation practices will prove to be the better choice in the long term.

It is important to develop a lighting plan and hire a contractor that can gather the total scope of your project. A professional lighting design and installation will add value to your property. Not only will you have access to more styles and features than your big box store, you will also benefit from the professional experience and insights of an installer. An experienced installer will know which fixtures and styles are best for illuminating homes, specimen trees, artful grasses and other unique features of your property.

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