The GREEN SnowPro Initiative – Road Salt Reduction

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The New Hampshire Certified Green SnowPro Program is a first-in-the-nation certification program that is helping to substantially reduce wintertime road salt applications, improve water quality, and provide valuable liability protection to local New Hampshire companies. The Program was developed to mitigate chloride pollution of watersheds (lakes, rivers, streams, and groundwater) in New Hampshire through the reduction of salt used in winter maintenance.

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Dramatic and rising concentrations of chloride from road salt have been identified in New Hampshire waters and mirror a trend that is being seen in colder regions of the US and Canada due to the application of de-icing chemicals. In 2008 New Hampshire listed 19 chloride-impaired water bodies on the 303(d) list under the Clean Water Act.
In 2012 that number increased to 46. At concentrations exceeding 230 mg/l chloride can be toxic to some aquatic species, and can impart a salty taste in drinking water supplies. In several watersheds analyzed in the southern I-93 corridor, more than 50% of the salt load comes from private roads and parking lots. The other major sources are state and local roads and highways.

At this time, the only way to prevent chloride from reaching surface and groundwater is to reduce the amount applied to our roadways and parking lots without compromising safety. When road salt dissolves in water, the chloride molecule is not retained by the soil and easily moves with water flow. Chloride is not significantly removed by chemical reactions, evaporation, or vegetation. Therefore, nearly all of the chloride applied to the land surface as road salt will eventually end up in the nearby surface waters or groundwater.

In 2013, the NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) created “Green SnowPro,” a voluntary commercial salt applicator certification program that grants liability protection against damage arising from snow and ice conditions, and ensures clean water through efficient and reduced salt use. Certified applicators must complete training, exams, and bi-annual renewal processes to volunteer, and submit annual reports of salt use to the State’s accounting system. NH Certified Green SnowPro applicators are leaders in the snow removal industry who are trained in the most up to date technologies and snow management practices to ensure a high level of service and safety to their customers.

Belknap Landscape is proud to support this critical program in the Lakes Region. We have five members of our Team who have completed the training and certifications, demonstrating our commitment to our employees, our clients and the environment in which we live.

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