The Best Place To Start When Updating Your Landscape

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Planning a landscaping project is exciting but can also seem daunting. Whether you’re preparing to sell your summer home, just purchasing a new home or you want to redesign the space to reflect the way you use it, there’s a lot of potential.

Where should you start to ensure the project delivers the return on investment you seek? There’s no one size fits all place to start your project; different approaches have their own advantages. Here are three approaches we recommend for landscaping updates.

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Start With a Landscaping Budget

If means are limited, then it makes sense to start with a budget and see what you can do within those means. This approach often makes sense for homeowners who want to sell their homes and know that investing in landscape boosts curb appeal, which can increase an offer price. Since homeowners who are selling need to recoup money spent on landscaping in the offer price, budget is often top of mind.

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Once you know how much money you have to spend on boosting curb appeal, you can reach out to professional designers, who can help you get the biggest bang for your buck.

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Start With a Landscaping Plan

If you’ve changed the ways you are using your home and want to change your landscape, then creating your own plan helps you focus on transitioning the landscape to reflect your patterns of use. Maybe the kids are growing up? Maybe you’re doing more entertaining? Sit down and think about what works and what you don’t like about your yard. Maybe you’ve always wanted to create a patio with in-ground lighting, or perhaps you’d like an outdoor kitchen and fireplace to entertain?

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Once you’ve identified what’s most important to you, you can then interview potential landscapers who have demonstrated experience with the projects or get insight into the best way to approach the project, and find the right landscaper to bring your vision to life.

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Start With a Landscaping Consultation

Perhaps you’ve bought a new home. You don’t yet know how you use the space, you don’t yet know what you like and don’t like, but you know you want to make a change. If this is the case, it can be beneficial to start with a consultation with a landscape designer.

Through the consultation process, you can explore your options and figure out together what your property really needs. A skilled landscaper will help you envision how everything could look, while explaining the benefits and drawbacks (if any) of making improvements, so you understand all your options. This can be a great place to start no matter what your situation is.

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Whether you choose to start with a consultation, a plan, or a budget, it’s critical to work with a landscape company who has experience. At Belknap Landscape Company, we have been transforming yards and gardens for over 28 years, helping homeowners fall in love with their landscapes all over again.

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