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We realize that doing research on landscape design can be a cumbersome task. To save you some time and energy, we have compiled a variety of content to help you decide on a solution for your landscape. We will help you understand more about the process related to landscape services such as tree health, garden design, patio and fire pit construction, lakeside landscape regulations, and much more!

Outdoor Living

Fireplace, Patio and Outdoor Kitchen by Belknap Landscape Co.

Part of outdoor living is planning in advance, renovation, restoration, and permitting. If you would much rather spend your outdoor living time relaxing and having fun with family, hire a landscape company to help you with all of these projects to keep your landscape looking beautiful. Belknap Landscape also uses the blog to share professional tips about outdoor living, your landscape, and additional features to add to the property. A lot of our clients are also lakeside property owners, which is why we have also created a guide to help with the process of lakeside permitting and shoreland restrictions.


Design and Build

perched beachThere is more to a landscape than green grass and flower beds. Add in water features, outdoor lighting, a patio, kitchen, fireplace, walkway, and more to create a truly immersive outdoor experience. Landscape experts design and build these features to match your preferences, the shape and curve of the landscape, and the desired functionality of the space. Using outdoor elements like these bring personality to the landscape and make it more functional as an outdoor living space.


Landscaping Services

Lakefront landscaping by Belknap Landscape Co.These services are specifically about the health of your plants, grass, and flowers. Landscaping services will improve the quality of the lawn and natural features year after year. Irrigation systems can be installed as a low maintenance solution for keeping the ground hydrated. Here we also provide professional tips for lawn maintenance and preparation to make the process of hiring landscapers that much easier. Have the green lawn and vibrant plants without using up every saturday of the summer.


Tree Work

tree servicesTrees are difficult to diagnose and dangerous for a DIY removal. If left alone, they can even severely damage your home and outdoor living space. With the help of a professional arborist, you can have the trees on your property inspected, treated, and removed if necessary. Do not spend time playing the guessing game of whether or not the tree is safe. Call an arborist for an expert opinion, and let them help you decide next steps. Aside from work that requires an arborist, there are some safe ways for you to take care of your trees to prevent disease and/or death.



snow removalAt Belknap Landscape, we also assist with commercial landscape projects. The parking lot and storefront are the first things your customer sees when they come to your store. Do not let them walk up to dried out shrubs and grass, a cracked up walkway, and decades old lawn decorations. Make your storefront represent the business as a whole. If you need help, our landscape design professionals will be happy to assist you. For the winter season, Belknap Landscape also provides snow removal services to keep your parking lot and walkways clear all winter long.

Landscaping Services

Preparing for the Upcoming Season


In the New England region, prepping for all four seasons can be a lot of work. Every couple months, it’s time to do something to prepare the yard and maintain its health. In addition to maintenance, a lot goes into building an extraordinary landscape. Uplighting, lit water features, rock sculptures, irrigation systems, and more can help bring an outdoor living space to life. Use these helpful resources to learn about preparing your landscape for the upcoming season.


Maintaining Your Landscape

lawn care

By taking proactive steps towards maintaining your outdoor living space, you can extend the longevity of the landscape you worked so hard to create. Plan early and have your outdoor living space prepared for whatever weather is on its way. These articles can help you figure out an efficient ongoing maintenance plan, how to maintain a patio, and tips for the ultimate lawn renovation.


Landscape Lighting

Belknap Landscape

Landscape lighting is a landscape design feature that improves safety, makes the outdoor space accessible day and night, and accentuates natural features throughout your property. Year round, landscape lighting improves the quality of the outdoor living experience. Here are the top reasons to consider landscape lighting as an additional feature for your landscape.


Outdoor Irrigation Systems


Irrigation is a great tool for maintaining and improving the appearance of your landscape. It is the controlled release of water to your grass, flower beds, shrubs, and other natural features. This prevents you from having to go out with the hose everyday to water the yard or attach a hose to a sprinkler that won’t cover the whole property. To learn more about irrigation, and wireless options, read the article below!


Professional Landscape Tips

water feature

Specific to landscaping services, there is an array of options for people to hire. Some landscape companies conduct a lot of one off jobs like installing irrigation or lighting. Some add your property to a schedule and come every week to cut the grass and lay out fresh mulch. A professional landscape design company tends to offer it all, with the incentive of building a long-term relationship with their client. Learn more about landscape design companies and things to consider when hiring.

Tree Work


Prepare Trees for The Season


It can be tricky to maintain trees on your property. Not only does a diseased tree look bad aesthetically, but it is also a huge danger to your home and property. This only gets worse in the winter, where it can be more arduous to care for a dying tree in the snow. Not to mention, trees are most at risk after snow storms that rip weak branches from trees and uproot whole trees from the ground. These trees then fall on power lines, cutting off power to the whole block or worse, landing on your home. Be prepared for the winter and have a professional evaluate your trees! Learn more about it below.


Tree Removal

Tree removal is something only recommended for the professionals. It’s a dangerous process, which is why arborists have years of experience tree felling before they even touch a tree. Watch the video below to see how the professionals do it: in the dead of winter!


Tree Health

Sometimes it is easy to identify when a tree is unhealthy, but other times it can be difficult to figure out! If your tree has foliage that is yellowing in the middle of the summer, or there is fungus growing on it, or branches are dying for no reason, there may be something wrong with the tree. Rather than trying to assess this for yourself, contact a professional arborist to diagnose the tree and make a treatment plan. The best thing you can do for trees on your property is know how to keep them healthy. Read more about tree health below.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Landscape Prep

Enjoying the Landscape by Belknap Landscape Co.

The best thing you can do to take care of your yard and outdoor living space is prepare for the upcoming season. For example, in the winter it’s important to start prepping for spring. Starting seedlings for a garden, buying the lawn ornaments and tools, and reserving professional help in advance are a few ways to prepare. By scheduling ongoing maintenance in advance, you are able to sit back and enjoy once the nice weather rolls around. In the fall, it’s time to rake up the leaves and bring in the patio furniture. Here are some useful resources to help you prepare for the upcoming season!

Landscape Renovation and Restoration

outdoor living area
Part of the fun of home ownership/second home ownership is
making the space your own and adjusting it to enhance your lifestyle! Choosing styles and working with a landscape designer to come up with a plan to enhance your outdoor living space can be an exciting process. It also takes a lot of time and thought to plan out the perfect outdoor living space to match your needs. Work with a professional landscape design company to be sure that your outdoor renovations and restorations are as magnificent as you dreamed they would be. Read the articles below to learn more about maximizing the longevity of your outdoor living space and simple improvements that make a world of difference.

Outdoor Lifestyle

outdoor living

Maximize your outdoor living space and relax in a yard that truly fits you like a puzzle. Use these resources to learn more about making the right choice for your outdoor living space and how to use your property to its fullest potential.


Lakeside Living

lakeside living

Whether you own a lakeside property as a vacation home or a primary residence, there is a lot to know about how to maintain a property near a body of water, the rules and regulations on these properties, and how to maximize a lakeside landscape. In New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, perspective lakeside homeowners must first answer the question, “which lake do we want to live on?” These resources will help you make that decision and much more.

Waterfront Permitting

patio lake living

There are restrictions on waterfront properties put in place to protect NH’s wildlife and ecosystem. If you own a waterfront property and require landscaping services, it is important that the landscape designers and builders you choose are familiar and well versed with these regulations. Don’t forget to start planning early for permitting in the fall and winter. Learn about this and more below!

Design and Build


Inspiration & Preparation for A Landscape Project

water feature

You have decided to update your outdoor living space! This means you’ve made the decision to create an outdoor space to build memories with loved ones and make your landscape the place for campfires, days laying out by the pool, and walks along beautiful water features. The most important step in this process is the preparation behind the project. To be sure your outdoor living ideas come to life, follow these best practices for updating your landscape!


stone patio

A patio is the perfect addition to an outdoor living space. It’s easy on outdoor furniture, makes for an even space for guests to walk around on, and is the perfect partner to an outdoor kitchen and fire pit. In addition to all of its perks, there are a lot of decisions to be made when it comes to installing a patio! Stone type, shape, color, and arrangement are just a few of the things to keep in mind. Lastly, once you’ve handled all this and have the patio of your dreams, it’s time to know how to maintain its beauty. Read more on how to extend the life of your patio!

Outdoor Fire Pits & Fireplaces

firepitFire pits are a place of social gathering. It’s where everyone comes together to stay warm and share stories. For landscape design, a fire pit serves as the center focal point. From the fireplace, designers can determine the layout of the outdoor kitchen, patio, lighting, and water features. There are dozens of fire pit and fireplace styles that serve different purposes! Read these resources to get a better idea of what firepit would serve your purpose best.

Landscape Retaining Walls

briney wall

Another important landscape element, useful for all outdoor properties, is a retaining wall. A retaining wall is built to keep in soil and can be made of many materials, including concrete, stone, granite, and timber. In addition to the functional purpose of retaining walls, they are an aesthetically pleasing feature that ties a landscape together and organizes different garden themes throughout the property. Learn more about retaining walls below, how your property can benefit from one, and how to get contact with a professional landscape designer.

Outdoor Kitchens

outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can be so much more than just a grille and some hot dogs. With the help of a landscape designer, you can have a full service, outdoor kitchen. This can include a stove, dining table and seating, and kitchenware storage (even a pizza oven). Whatever you need to create a fully functioning, outdoor kitchen can be done with the help of a professional landscape designer. Read the resource below to learn more about how to improve your outdoor dining experience.

Professional Landscaping Tips

porch and lawnChoosing a professional landscape designer is a significant task. It takes a lot of research and time to find the right person to help you transform your landscape to its fullest potential. By using the resources below, you can get a better idea of why you should hire a professional for the task and the things to consider when hiring a landscape company. Also, restore new life to your home using these professional tips below!


Belknap Landscape offers commercial landscape services for businesses. Tree care and removal, landscaping maintenance, irrigation systems, and winter services! Take a look at these resources we’ve provided for business owners to get more information on commercial landscape design and how to find the correct landscape professionals for your project.


Tree Services

tree services

Don’t put your business at risk by leaving an unhealthy tree unattended to. The tree removal process can be difficult, especially in a commercial location. Put your tree removal project into the hands of experienced arborists who can remove unsafe trees with ease while securing a safe working perimeter. In addition to tree removal resources, there is more information on tree health and how to increase the life of the trees on your commercial property.


Commercial Landscape Curb Appeal

tanger outlets

The front of a building is the first thing your customer sees. Make sure that first impression is an excellent one by planning regular maintenance for your outdoor property. Here are some tips to help you plan out the ultimate lawn renovation.


Irrigation System Installation and Management

tanger outlets sign

As a business owner, there is very little time to go outside and water the lawn. Save time and money by installing an irrigation system that will keep your outdoor property vibrant and healthy. Hire a professional landscape company to install and manager your irrigation system so you don’t have to.


Winter Services

snow removal

For businesses in the northeast, winter landscape services are essential! Don’t be stuck without a way for customers to get in to your location and park their car. Snow removal services not only plow the snow out of the way, but remove it entirely. Winter landscape services may also include shoveling, salting, and sanding to keep the pavement around your building safe for walking. Learn more about this process by reading our snow removal resource below.


Hiring a Landscape Company

Belknap Landscape Team

When deciding on hiring a landscape company, it’s important to know what to look for. Make sure the company you hire can do everything you need them to do. Not sure if you need a professional landscaper? Check out this resource on why it’s important to hire a professional and what things to look for when you do.

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