Planning Early: Your Property and Ongoing Maintenance

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Your property is an investment you want to maintain and protect year-round. Plan now to enjoy your beautiful property without doing all the work. Consider partnering with landscaping professionals who value your property as much as you do and offer a beneficial and convenient ongoing landscape maintenance contract.

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Services Offer With an Landscape Maintenance Contract

Your ongoing maintenance contract could include a variety of services performed by a professional and experienced landscaping team, all coordinated by your dedicated account manager.  

  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly property maintenance
  • Seasonal landscape cleanups
  • Fall leaf and storm debris removal
  • Mulching, edging and pruning
  • Planting and maintaining flowers, trees and other vegetation
  • Mowing lawns of any size and shape
  • Mechanical sweeping and beach raking
  • Trash and litter removal, including trash can liner replacement
  • Special or holiday event setup
  • Installation of temporary or permanent outdoor or holiday lighting

benefits of an ongoing maintenance contract

Benefits of an Ongoing Maintenance Contract

With an landscaping maintenance contract, your property remains beautiful and healthy. Plus, you also gain several important benefits.

  1. Save money when you purchase a contract rather than individual services.
  2. Spend your free time pursuing hobbies, visiting with loved ones or relaxing in your backyard.
  3. Restore order quickly after a storm strikes or when rain causes a growth spurt.
  4. Be prepared with minimal effort for changing seasons.
  5. Enjoy the beautiful curb appeal of a manicured landscape.
  6. Prepare for special events with your trusted landscape team.
  7. Rest easy, knowing that with professional care, your lawn thrives year-round even when you are away.

Insider tip: If you’re thinking about starting a big landscaping project in the spring, start planning early. Read more about planning early for landscaping projects.

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Customize Your Maintenance Contract

Because your property and needs are unique, your maintenance contract will be customized specifically for you. Maybe you need landscape services all year or want help only around the holidays. Simply select the services and schedule that fit your vision for your property. Start planning with an account manager now to take advantage of is beneficial and convenient service.

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