Perhaps a Landscape Renovation is in Your Future?

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Winter time can be a great time to sit back and think about renovating your landscape or garden.  Visualize how you and your family use your outdoor space. Perhaps the patio isn’t quite large enough for entertaining 6-8 of your friends.  Perhaps the plantings along your walkways are overgrown and lack color. Perhaps the foundation plantings haven’t seen a refresh in 10-15 years or you inherited them with changes in ownership.

It’s the perfect time to talk to a landscape designer about changes that might enhance your property.  Are there features you have always wanted? Is there a feel or a look you’ve seen elsewhere or desired to transform your space?  It may not be too far from fruition!

lakeside living

With the trend of many Do-It-Yourself’s (DIY), we can ‘Band-Aid’ the desired look by picking up annuals at the big box stores or local nurseries.  Most clients have ideas and some pretty definitive likes and dislikes. Working with a designer in a collaborative manner can really benefit the homeowner.  A designer brings a professional perspective to your vision. In addition to a healthy exchange of ideas, a designer is trained to perform a site assessment for sun/shade, wind conditions, and how the existing plants are doing in their environment.  The designer will ask lots of questions as part of your consultation, and through that process, the homeowner can begin to visualize the process, the plan, the challenges and the desired outcome.

spring landscape and patio

If you have ideas for your property, now is a great time to engage with a designer.  Let them help you refine your vision and turn it into reality so you can enjoy and appreciate your outdoor space even more.

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