Maximizing Enjoyment of Your Outdoor Living Space

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Summer in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire is a time for enjoying cool breezes, walking through your gardens, soaking up the lake views, boating, dining al fresco and the expansive feeling of not being closed in. It is a time for maximizing the use of your outside living space so that you can soak up every last bit of sun and enjoy the evening watching fireflies dance by as you roast marshmallows.

If you and your family are not spending much time outside, then your outdoor living space may need to be redesigned to enhance your lifestyle.

maximize your outdoor living space

Outdoor Living is About the Experiences

Outdoor family meals are a great seasonal pleasure as well as hosting social events, such as cocktail parties, holiday celebrations and neighborhood get-togethers. It can be frustrating having to move back and forth between your inside kitchen and outside patio, especially when the kids are enjoying being outside and it’s time to start making dinner inside. An outside kitchen and dining area can give you additional space to relax, eat and cook all while enjoying being outside. patio kitchen and dining area with good lighting improves family gatherings and outdoor entertainment.

Outdoor kitchen by Belknap Landscape Co.

The design of an outdoor kitchen depends on your needs, taste and yard. Some homeowners prefer small dining areas with vine-covered pergolas and minimal kitchen fixtures, such as a simple grill, prep table, sink and under the counter refrigerator. Others want a roof overhead and extra equipment, such as a grill with multiple rotisseries and side burners, a dishwasher, a pizza oven and maybe even ice cold beer on tap from a kegerator. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire.

outdoor living room

If you love the feeling of being outside at night yet cozy, an outdoor living room complete with fireplace or fire pit is another good choice. It’s a magnet for after-dinner conversation at a party and great for the kids to roast smokies and make s’mores. You can incorporate weatherproof design elements in outdoor living rooms like a large throw rug, armchairs and a couch with decorative pillows that look like indoor furniture.

installing a walkway

Shaping Use of Space with Gardens

Careful design of out-buildings, raised planting beds, pathways and gardens make a yard decorative while also dividing it into areas for varying purposes. Well-designed landscaping adds color to yards throughout the year.

These days, instead of remodeling houses and adding interior square footage, many homeowners nationwide are adding on to useable living space at a lower cost by remodeling outdoor living space and surrounding it with beautiful plantings.

pool and yard

Supporting Your Needs

The first step in redesigning outdoor living space is to think about how you and your family currently use it and what kinds of changes would better meet your needs. This requires everyone’s input, think about how you would like to spend your days and evenings.

You can start to gather ideas based on other people’s homes, books, magazines and online research on sites like Houzz.

Finally, think about setting up an appointment with a landscape designer who can help you figure out what is truly possibly with your landscape and turn your dreams into a solid landscape plan. By selecting a company known for creativity and reliability, you support your need for speedy construction as well as peace of mind.

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