How Important is Safety to your Landscape Contractor?

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When hiring a landscape contractor, it’s important to find a company that takes safety seriously. If they take the time to assess a situation and make a plan for the best way to approach it, they’ve already considered the things that can go wrong and the safest way to prevent them. Safety is important for employees but for your property too!

Belknap Landscape Team

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Belknap Landscape wanted to find a way to make their annual safety meeting more engaging, moreinformative, more productive and more fun. Safety is what gets their employees home to their families every night, that’s what it all boils down too. When you spend the day working with heavy equipment and hundreds of feet up in a tree, safety has to be something you’re constantly aware of.

Belknap Landscape spends a full year preparing for their annual safety meeting! They work with a variety of different sponsoring vendors who donate their time and prizes to employees including Milton Cat Equipment, SiteOne Landscape Supply, Ready Equipment, LRGH-Occupational Therapy, NH DOT Consultants, Cross Insurance and Eversource Power Co.

Although the safety meeting only takes place once a year, more informal safety meetings like tailgate talks take place every day. Belknap Landscape invests over $12,000 into their annual safety meeting and it pays off. In 2017, all workers’ comp claims were for for small cuts and light muscle strains – considering they employee from 65 to 100 people at any point throughout the year, that shows how safe they really are as a company.

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Did you know that Belknap Landscape has been a drug free employer for over 15 years?

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