Maintaining commercial property is one of our specialties, from weekly visits to seasonal upkeep, we can provide an individual strategy for seamless management that keeps your curb appeal at its peak no matter the season. We have the expertise and equipment to meet and exceed your expectations and provide value and beauty.

Our team will work with you to plan services that increase the curb appeal of your property and keep it looking and growing at its best all year long.

  • Seasonal Cleanups
  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Mechanical Sweeping/Trash removal
  • Mulching
  • Edging
  • Pruning

Mechanical Sweeping/Trash Removal – For commercial and large residential sites, our mechanical sweeper will remove debris which improves the appearance of your property in the eyes of your patrons and visitors. Our courteous employees can change garbage can liners and hand pick littered areas. Both of these services can occur daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your specific needs.

Seasonal Cleanups – Winter wreaks havoc on New England properties, with broken limbs and debris. In the Fall, keep your landscape looking beautiful and staying healthy with a bulk leaf cleanup service.

Weekly Maintenance – Our weekly programs include mowing and trimming for a crisp appearance. For field areas, less frequent mowing, brush hogging, and brush cutting is available. Included for our waterfront clients is our weekly beach raking service.

Mulching – Conserve moisture and minimize weeds by the addition of a 1-2” maintenance layer of premium bark mulch, while highlighting your planted areas. For large or hard to reach areas, our bark mulch blower is at your service.

Edging – A crisp edge between landscaped beds and lawn areas creates a neat appearance and keeps grass from encroaching into beds. Usually completed in the Spring before bark mulch installation, edging can be performed throughout the season as needed.

Pruning – Shrubs benefit from pruning by growth management, overall health and stimulating flower production.

Grounds Management

Our unique approach is to assign every client their own Account Manager so that they have one distinct point of contact with Belknap Landscape for any communication, question, or need. Our Account Managers possess skills in customer service, horticultural expertise, and management experience to ensure that your property is cared for on a timely basis, in a professional manner, and meets the goals and needs you had planned for. From weekly service to specific requests, we offer proactive solutions to protect and enhance the value of your landscape. Periodic CARE calls are part of this approach to monitor progress and foster the connection between client and company.

Garden Enhancements

We have the vision, the team and the expertise to help you transform your commercial landscape to suit any purpose, seasonal or permanent. Our creative team and production experts will work with you to create the beautiful and cost effective impacts you need.

  • Spring flowers
  • Fall color
  • Holiday lights and décor
  • Event assistance
  • Temporary lighting
  • Plantings
  • Wildflower management

Landscape lighting will increase the visual appeal of your landscape on into the evening, and at the same time will increase the overall safety and security of your property.

Our custom designed low volt systems utilize the most recent technology available while causing minimal disruption to the landscape, blending in with the natural features without the glare of high volt lighting. Our systems are energy saving low maintenance installations that can illuminate your property from multiple locations better than moonlight. The wide range of manufacturers we use offer countless fixture styles, LEDs as well as conventional halogen lighting, that will fit any budget and style.

Systems are designed with your lifestyle and needs in mind, and most clients end up with a nearly maintenance free system that is inexpensive to run and reminds them nightly of how beautiful their property is. The additional value added by aesthetically designed low volt landscape lighting is often our clients’ favorite part of their new landscape.

  • Custom design
  • Expert installation
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Upgrades and retrofit for existing systems

A custom irrigation system is the final step to ensure that your landscape investment will stay healthy and beautiful whatever the weather.

Our irrigation professionals can design, install, and maintain an individual system that meets your needs and conserves water while keeping your lawn and plants healthy and growing. Whether using domestic water or a pump-fed source, your system can be tailor made to your landscape and your needs and still be sustainable and responsible.

  • Custom design and retrofit
  • Overhead watering for lawn areas
  • Drip irrigation for planting beds
  • Spring startups
  • Monthly monitoring
  • Winterization

Mr. Clarke came in this afternoon and wanted to let BLC Landscape Maintenance know... his property looked like something out of "Home and Garden Magazine".

Mr Clarke