Employee Spotlight: Irrigation Team Members Brian Thompson and Steve D’Angeli

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Brian Thompson and Steve D’Angeli from Belknap Landscape’s irrigation team have a wealth of industry experience that includes completed certifications (CIT) by the Irrigation Association this past spring.

Belknap Landscape’s commitment to employees and the association brings numerous benefits to the company and our clients. Some of the individual benefits of enrolling in Irrigation Association courses include:

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At Belknap Landscape, we invest in our team to improve and grow as individual professionals in their line of work. By providing educational opportunities like these to employees, we can provide clients with excellent service and landscape results. The knowledge of these two irrigation professionals has allowed Belknap Landscape to expand our irrigation services and improve the technology used in those services. Here is some more background information on some of the best irrigation professionals on our team, Brian and Steve!

Brian Thompson joined Belknap Landscape in July of 2016.  Prior to joining us at Belknap Landscape, Brian was the Assistant Superintendent at a golf course. With over fifteen years in the industry, Brian also holds a degree in Turfgrass Management from UMASS Stockbridge School of Agriculture. Aside from his professional life, Brian is also recently married and his hobbies include hiking and camping in New England.  We are grateful to have this seasoned professional on our team as he has been instrumental in moving the company’s irrigation technology forward with the adoption and installation of Wi-Fi enabled control systems. This new, state of the art Wi-Fi technology has multiple benefits for the company and its customers, including:

  • Saves Water
  • Monitor Remotely
  • Detects Problems Early
  • Saves Time & Labor
  • Improves Service Quality

Our second irrigation spotlight employee is Steve D’Angeli, who joined Belknap Landscape in May of 2017.  Prior to joining the irrigation team at Belknap Landscape, Steve worked in environmental construction, compliance, and wastewater management.  He has also worked as a ‘snowmaker’ at Mount Sunapee maintaining ski conditions for the trails. Steve has a degree in Environmental Science from Colby Sawyer College and is an avid fly fisherman. We are glad to have Steve on our team as an expert in the environment, compliance, and wastewater management that makes him perfect for the irrigation team at Belknap Landscape.


Brian’s and Steve’s knowledge and institution of best practices really sets the standard for Irrigation Management in the Lakes Region. This is critical (especially in the northeast) due to the shorter seasons, varying microclimates, and wind-exposed properties.  As a team, they are able to anticipate problems ahead of time, manage project efficiencies and leverage the technology to meet the needs of each client. Their involvement with the Irrigation Association enables them to work in a network of irrigation professionals and leverage each other’s knowledge and experiences.  Their next step will be certification as irrigation auditors (CLIA), which coupled with the wi-fi technology, they are able to gather water-use data, test systems and match the right system for the specific environment.

We are proud to have these guys working at Belknap Landscape Company! Brian and Steve have shown true excellence in irrigation services through their education, experience, and willingness to continue their education with the Irrigation Association. If you are looking for assistance with irrigation services, Belknap Landscape has just the people for the job. Thank you again to Brian and Steve for your hard work and dedication! Contact us during the winter months to discuss irrigation best practices for your property and potential improvements to your system next spring.

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