Best Ways To Keep Your Trees Healthy This Year

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Tree care should always begin with a plan. Professionals work with property owners to meet the goals of each properties’ strategic landscape plan, this plan is often discussed before the project is started to make sure that the plan is clear, manageable and safe for all parties and elements involved.

Around the Lakes Region, landscape companies and tree service professionals should also understand the NH Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act (NH 483-B.) to ensure that your tree services stay within the shoreline regulations and to help acquire permitting for the jobs at hand.

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Each tree trimming or pruning should enhance the tree by improving its:

  • Shape
  • Health
  • Structural integrity

Proper pruning of trees promotes growth, improves tree health, and improves structural stability of the tree throughout the year. Pruning is the structured removal of limbs and branches with the goal of improving the tree. Pruning is a service that helps trees thrive by:

  • Promoting new growth
  • Improving the look and shape of the tree
  • Removing weak and damaged branches or limbs
  • Improving health by promoting airflow to prevent and remove disease
  • Managing airflow through the tree to to prevent damage

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Shaping a tree is part of the tree pruning process, whether it’s to improve your vista views or to improve overall tree health, it’s important to hire professionals who are experienced and insured. Professional pruning can save you money in the long run by preventing damage to your trees or even worse, your home. Trees are a valuable part of every landscape and it is important that they receive annual care from the time they are saplings for the best results. Professional pruning allows your trees to look their best, feel their best and also helps to increase the value and curb appeal of your property.

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Landscape companies that have experience in tree services should have the ability to remove trees with and without the use of heavy equipment. Certified arborists are skilled in hazard identification and can identify storm damage, disease and aging trees that could pose a danger to your home or landscape. The Tree Care Industry Association is a great resource for finding safe, professional and experienced tree service companies. It is important to take down diseased trees, trees that are structurally weak, or trees that pose a safety hazard without damaging nearby trees.


Tree service professionals can help:

  • Cable and brace weak limbs and branches to support and protect the trees
  • Tree health and tree disease management to encourage your trees to thrive
  • Individual pest management services by licensed pesticide applicators
  • Soil testing and mitigation to connect the important soil and water relationships that can affect plant growth

When residential and commercial property owners throughout the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire need an arborist for tree service, pruning, and trimming they turn to the NHAA and TCIA Certified arborists at Belknap Landscape Company. Find out more about our tree crew’s awards and certifications here.(Link to last press release that went out).

If you’re ready to take a look at the health and integrity of your trees then reach out to the experts at Belknap Landscape Company to set up a free consultation.

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