Belknap Landscape’s Guide to Deer Resistant Plants

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Does it sometimes feel like you are on the deer-highway?  We love living in New England and we love the natural beauty of our landscapes.

deer resistant plantsWe spend money on enhancing our properties with lovely flowering shrubs and plants that add color and texture to our outdoor space.  And then, when we are not looking or dusk settles in, we have four-legged creatures eating our landscape! We wake up in the morning and the hosta that was right there on the edge of the patio is Gone!  The arborvitae along the walkway has “depression” in the side about 4’ off the ground. We are feeding the deer!

Unless we completely fence in our boundaries, we may not be able to deter the deer from our properties.  The horticulture industry is doing more research and developing more plants that are deer resistant. Truth be told if the deer are hungry enough, they will likely eat most anything!  There are however several shrubs and perennial plants that are further down the food group list for our “deer” friends. In general, the deer do not care for plants with odor and texture not to their liking.

There are actually quite a few choices for your landscape which will still provide a nice variety.

Evergreen Shrubs:  Boxwood, Juniper, Bayberry, Holly, Cypress, Andromeda

Deciduous Shrubs:  Spirea, Viburnum, Daphne, Leucothoe, Butterfly Bush

Perennials:  Coreopsis, Nepeta, Astilbe, Salvia, Catmint, Sea Holly, Bee Balm


There are many sources of information on deer-resistant plants too!  

Here are a few:

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