Belknap Landscape Acquires Carroll County Landscape

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To our wonderful Clients, Community, and Partners,


For over 30 years Belknap Landscape has enjoyed building relationships and servicing some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Lakes Region. Over those years we’ve grown though careful planning and consideration of the values we possess, while being mindful of what is best for our clients, employees, and community. I’m happy to announce we’re still growing.

Last week Belknap Landscape Co. completed an acquisition of Carroll County Landscape Inc., located in Wolfeboro.

This decision was the result of careful consideration regarding what both organizations value, and how joining the two companies will facilitate the most ideal results for everyone involved. Both companies have decades of experience, certified technicians, and a proven track record of providing exceptional quality. We both also have a history of supporting our communities by hiring local workers and supporting local causes.

As we move forward, our intention is to make no significant changes over next several months. You can expect to see the same faces, equipment, and methods of service on your property. We plan to retain all of the staff and maintain the same properties in Gilford, Belmont, and now Wolfeboro. David Alessandroni, the founder of Carroll County Landscape will be assisting us in these efforts during the coming months as he looks forward to a well-deserved retirement.

Please know we will consider your needs first throughout this process. Our clients have made these opportunities and successes possible, and we are grateful for your support. We look forward to continuing building a business that’s worthy of that continued support.


Kind regards,


Hayden McLaughlin, Principal

Belknap Landscape Company, Inc.

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