6 Reasons You Need a Proactive Landscape Maintenance Program

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Your property is likely one of the biggest investments you’ll make, and like most investments, it’s important to do what you can to protect or increase its value. Improvements are a good way to raise the value. Proactive maintenance is a good way to protect value, but it’s often overlooked or misunderstood. Belknap Landscape has the expertise to offer solutions for both, we’d like you to know why proactive maintenance is important, and why you should consider hiring a professional.

Here are 6 reasons a proactive landscape maintenance program is the best way to protect your property.

Better care 

Your landscape likely contains a variety of plant life. Ornamental plants, turfgrass, trees, and other plants each have different needs. As with all living things, adequate care may require more than a “set it and forget it” approach. Do you know what adequate care is for all the plants on your property?

A professional can prepare and recommend a service plan to assure appropriate care occurs for all the plants on your property. A good plan will assure the plants receive the nutrition and care they need while identifying and discouraging disease. Well cared for plants are consistently more attractive and viable, beautifying your property and protecting your investment.


Property care takes time and effort. The time you spend maintaining your property is time not spent enjoying your outdoors with family and friends, and doing things you enjoy. Your free time during the summer, evenings, and weekends could be better spent not doing chores.

A proactive landscape maintenance plan will take into consideration when and how you’ll be utilizing your outdoor space. This means the timing, scope, and method of work performed will reduce the impact on your day-to-day life, especially during periods you’ll want to be outside enjoying your property.

Peace of Mind

The most important aspects of a landscape maintenance program are designed to offer peace of mind. Simply put they are expertly crafted, proactive, and regularly evaluated to eliminate problems. They eliminate the problem of assuring your property is healthy and viable. They eliminate the problem of planning for service times and execution. They eliminate the problem of potential asset damages or headaches. Property owners who benefit from landscape service plans are often most happy with the peace of mind they receive.

Money Saved

We’ve already mentioned how a qualified landscaper, executing a good maintenance plan can help assure the health of your plants, and it’s important to consider the costs associated with plant loss. Plants that have not received appropriate care, are more likely to require replacement. The costs associated with removing a plant, acquiring a new one and the associated labor can add up. It’s by far more efficient and less costly to reduce this occurrence.

In addition, plants help keep your property healthy overall. Plants help reduce erosion concerns. They can help curb damages associated with wind and rain, and discourage invasive species or bad soil conditions. Protecting your plants and property through good maintenance will help prevent these costly problems from occurring.

A Comprehensive Approach

In the Lakes region, there are dozens upon dozens of landscape services companies, each with different abilities and scopes of work offered. Some companies specialize in only lawn care, others in fertilization or tree services. While this ala-carte approach may have benefits, a good landscape maintenance plan is comprehensive.

Comprehensive approaches are more efficient, and as a result typically more economical. By utilizing this approach, many tasks can be completed on a property in the same visit, reducing duplication of efforts, and the time cost associated with this type of service.

Comprehensive approaches are more effective. This is due to the ability for tasks to be completed in the best possible order. For example, an overseeding is more effective after a dethatching. A dethatching is more effective after a lower mow cycle. Lower mow cycles should be achieved gradually to reduce shock on the turf grasses. If you employ different overseeding and mowing companies, you’ll need to make an effort to coordinate this yourself and hope they can accommodate your needs.

Finally, a comprehensive approach assures accountability. The more vendors you employ, the more chances a mistake may occur, or worse the more likely finger-pointing will occur if a mistake does occur. A landscaper who provides and executes a comprehensive plan owns the result and owns any mistakes or short-comings.

Expert knowledge and observations 

Quality Landscape maintenance companies have account managers, industry specialists, and service professionals who have a keen eye for aesthetics and potential problems. Their experience and training offer an understanding of what is occurring on your property that the typical homeowner doesn’t possess. This means they can identify problems early before they can cause costly damage or dangerous situations. They can also assure the service you receive is conducted in the correct way, assuring the best results.

Look for service providers which consistently walk your property to check for problems. There’s a difference between providers who simply complete tasks, and those who offer this type of care. It’s smart to choose the latter.

It’s also important to ask about licenses, certifications, and experience. Licensed, certified, and experienced service providers have the training and knowledge to know what to look for, and how to resolve issues on your property effectively.

At Belknap Landscape, all our property maintenance clients receive a dedicated account manager tasked with regularly reviewing your property, assuring quality, recognizing problems, and offering proactive solutions. They have the benefit of a stable of licensed, certified, and experienced professionals acquired over 30+ years, on whom they can call upon to best care for your property.

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