5 Things Your Landscaper Can Do You May Not Know

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Your landscape contractor is a resource for you to make and keep your property looking it’s best. You can rely on a good landscape contractor to know about your land, plants, and hardscape and how to keep them in the best condition possible. Good landscapers provide a valuable service, but there’s a few things they can or will do that you may not have considered. Here’s 5 things you might not be aware of.

Property Value

Did you know that a quality, well-maintained landscape can add 12-15% to your property value? Landscape is a durable and long-lasting addition to the form and function of your property, and a good landscaper can help you realize these benefits.

Through the addition of usable outdoor spaces, a landscaper can transform the perceived living area of your home to include the outside. This can give your property additional areas for relaxation, hosting guests, or general use. A good landscaper can help you determine a plan to both fit your needs and budget while achieving your desired outcome.

Consider your outdoor space. Is it being utilized well? Do you enjoy being outdoors on your property? Could it be better? We’ve helped clients realize fantastic outdoor living spaces by adding a patio, fire pit, pergola, garden, pool, or even an outdoor kitchen. This translated to both an immediate increase quality of life for them, through enjoying their new outdoor spaces, while also increasing the value of their property.

Salabilityproperty value

Landscape is often the first recognized aspect of your property that guests and potential buyers notice. While boosting value and curb appeal, landscape is also an indicator of homeowner care and maintenance. When selling your home, you want to communicate both your pride of ownership as well as reasons why a buyer may want to purchase this home.

Is the property attractive? First impressions matter. Consider working with a landscaper to give your front yard or entryway a facelift.

Is the landscape well cared for? If not, what does this say about how the home may have been cared for? Ongoing landscape maintenance is important as plant life can overgrow a property quickly, or even cause damage. A professional landscaper can maintain or reclaim your property making it more appealing to a buyer.

Pestsants pests

Many landscapers have the ability to apply pesticides to properties in an effort to control turn and plant pests which may damage the landscape and plant life. This is an important part of their work and is typically a common expectation, but did you know they can also be an important partner in keeping your home pest free?

Most pests enter the home from the outside. A landscaper can help remove avenues of entry through maintaining good pruning of trees and shrubs. Landscapers can also remove debris and overgrowth which serve as homes and attractants to many types of common pests. Keeping ground cover trimmed, leaves and organic material picked up and disposed of properly, and even the choice of plants used in a landscape are often overlooked ways to minimize pests on your property, and as a result in your home.

Flooding, erosion, or water related problems

Water management is an important aspect of property ownership. Water can have a damaging effect on your land and the structures on it. A good first step in managing these risks is understanding how your landscape has an effect. A good landscape contractor can help you realize areas of concern and in many cases provide solutions.

One-way landscapers can assist you in preventing problems associated with water is through grading or ensuring your property has the property slopes in place. A landscaper can help introduce new or correct existing slopes to encourage water movement away from structures or areas of concern.

Landscapers can also introduce drainage solution which may include different types of drains, swales, or dry wells designed to move or hold water. Many of these solutions can be integrated into a landscape and look natural or not be noticed at all by the homeowner.

Erosion is another struggle many property owners face regarding water management. Erosion can be quite damaging and difficult to replace. Your landscape professional can help mitigate erosion through proper water management practices as mentioned, in addition to the selection and introduction of plants designed to maintain soil integrity.

Finding a contractor

While we’ve covered that landscapers can do many things to benefit your property, there’s a number of things a landscape simply cannot, or should not attempt. A good landscape will know and understand these limitations, but also be able to help you find someone qualified to help.

In the landscape industry we work along side pavers, home builders, septic installers, and a wide variety of trades professionals on a daily basis. We get to know and see first hand who provides quality work, is responsive, and responsible. As a result, a good landscaper could be a good resource for finding someone to work on your property. Reputable professionals typically know of other reputable professionals, and providing referrals is something we’ve done on a regular basis.





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