5 Steps For The Ultimate Lawn Renovation

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Lots of unsightly bare spots? Overwhelming weed growth? Areas of heavy wear?

If your lawn experiences any of the aforementioned symptoms – or if it just looks tired and unhealthy – then we’d recommend giving your lawn a renovation. While a lawn renovation may seem like a daunting task, it’s very manageable if the right steps are followed. We’ve briefly outlined the general process here:

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Step 1 For The Ultimate Lawn Renovation

Take a lawn analysis: We’d recommend beginning any lawn renovation either in the spring or in the fall, a time when temperatures cool overnight and facilitate better growing conditions for seed. But the first step to any renovation is having a lawn assessment conducted. For instance, a professional can help you visualize the end goal and create a plan of action to reach it. Additionally, lawns need to come to terms with any underlying symptoms that need to also be addressed, like grub or insect infestations, excessive weed growth and/or unnatural types of grasses that have sprouted – a task that a professional can help properly diagnose and treat.


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Step 2 For The Ultimate Lawn Renovation

Address underlying symptoms: Before a lawn can be renovated, underlying symptoms need to be resolved. Have a professional conduct lawn pest control and lawn weed control if either are issues. If your lawn is healthy and doesn’t have any underlying problems, this step can be skipped.



Step 3 For The Ultimate Lawn Renovation

Aerate and dethatch: If your lawn looks tired, brown and worn, a lawn aeration and dethatching can be just what the doctor ordered. Aeration helps break up compacted soil by removing small plugs from the lawn, something that also allows oxygen and water to better reach the grass roots. Dethatching basically clears away any dead grass and debris that has settled over the lawn. Thatch can prevent water, sunlight and oxygen from reaching the roots. Being that both are specialized services, they’re best left to professionals.


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Step 4 For The Ultimate Lawn Renovation

Lawn seeding: It’s always wise to have new seed placed following a dethatching or aerating job. In situations of bare spots, however, soil will need to be prepped before applying seed. After seeding, make sure to water it – and water it frequently. That’s where you come in. You should ensure that the seedlings are always moist, which can be determined by observing soil spots. If the soil is dry, water. If the soil is still moist, you’re OK.


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Step 5 For The Ultimate Lawn Renovation

Nurture and care for your lawn: After your lawn springs and grows back to life, don’t neglect it. It should be fertilized, mowed at appropriate heights, preventatively treated for pests and weeds, and aerated and dethatched on occasion to ensure it doesn’t require a full renovation again. A professional can put together a lawn care plan that can keep it looking great long-term.

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