2 Belknap Landscape Employees Recognized at 2018 LandOpt Field Day

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At the 8th annual LandOpt Operations Field Day on August 1, 2018, hosted by Bellantoni Landscape in White Plains NY, Randy Wood and Mark Smith were recognized for their dedication to their clients, their company and industry safety.

For the second year in a row, Randy Wood received the Account Manager of the Year Award! One of the metrics used to determine the Account Manager of the Year winners are the total number of CARE calls to their clients in the prior year. Randy is the perfect example of “The Belknap Experience” and having a dedicated account manager to work with you through the entire process and stay in close contact with you every step of the way. Congratulations Randy!

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Belknap Landscape hosted the 2017 LandOpt Operations Field Day in which Randy won his first Account Manager of the Year award.

Mark Smith was presented with a plaque featuring the safety article he was featured in for Landscape Management magazine. LandOpt thanked Mark for continuing to raise the bar on safety in the landscape industry. If you’ve read Mark’s safety article, you know that he deserved this recognition.

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Read the full article on the 8th Annual LandOpt Operations Field Day and the additional LandOpt award winners in Landscape Management, one of the largest national trade magazines.

Congratulations to Randy and Mark and thank you for your dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm.

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