14 Ways To Prepare Your Yard For The Winter

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It’s time to prep your yard and landscaping for the winter months. Even though you may have plans to enjoy it a bit longer, getting in touch with your landscaping professional now can help to ensure that your yard looks its best well into the fall. And, doing this also means you’ll have less to fix and repair next spring. That way, your spring days are spent enjoying time with your family.

What’s on your list of winter landscape preparation? Follow this checklist to get started.


1. Tree pruning

Trees should be pruned now in the fall months. It’s best to get rid of any dead growth, but also to control growth. Tree shaping can help your trees to mature properly, reducing the risk of disease over the winter months.

2. Protection

Now that your trees and shrubs are pruned and healthy, it’s time to protect them from the winter winds, snow and deer. This can be done by wrapping the trees and bushes or by building a tent over them.

3. Lawn renovations

From grading the lawn to handling those bad areas, renovating your lawn during the fall months is essential for a lush lawn during the summer. This is the best time to make alterations. This isn’t a task you want to tackle in the spring when your lawn is trying to develop.

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4. Seeding

Did you know that you should seed your grass during the fall months, before the first frost? You’ll see significant improvement in the quality and fullness of your lawn next spring if you seed now.

5. Fertilization

Giving your lawn the nutrients it needs now before the winter months hit is important. You want the grass to grow its roots deeper so it can sustain its health long term. You also want to control any weeds now.

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6. Aeration

Aeration isn’t something many people think about until they are struggling with their lawn in the spring trying to find out why it isn’t coming in as full and lush as they like. Aeration helps to encourage the development of healthy roots. Doing it now helps give your roots time to deepen.

7. Leaf Cleanup

From flower beds to under the trees, it’s essential to tackle leaf cleanup now. When the trees start dropping leaves, it’s important to remove them to protect the lawn and to preserve the quality of the rest of your landscaping over the winter.

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8. Irrigation Systems

It’s also a good time to have your sprinklers flushed and to ensure your irrigation system is operational. Be sure to make repairs now, not later.

9. Lighting

Update your lighting, or at least ensure it is working its best. You don’t want to worry about landscape lighting in the middle of the winter.

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10. Structural Components

Be sure that all supporting walls and structures outdoors are in good condition. Any type of hardscaping should be secure and safe.

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11. Plant!

Planting trees and larger shrubs now is an excellent opportunity. It’s perfect for spring growth and blooms.

12. Evaluation

Evaluate your landscape and determine if you’re interested in doing any landscape projects or enhancements for the next season. This will allow you to work your way through the design, budget and permitting process during the winter so your new project will be ready to go when you are!

13. Markings

Before the snow falls, make sure to mark the edges of your driveway, propane tanks and your generator make sure they don’t get hit by the plows or delivery trucks through the winter.

14. Decorate

We saved the fun part for last. Swapping out your planters with some mums and adding some corn stalks to the yard is a easy way to make your home festive with fall colors.

It’s never to early to start decorating for the holidays. Especially in New Hampshire, where by the time the holidays roll around there might already be a few feet of snow on the ground. Beat the cold weather by getting your holiday lights up early.

What’s on your to-do list? Work with your local landscape company to knock out your list.

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