Belknap Landscape wins LandOpt President’s Award

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Belknap Landscape was recently awarded the President’s Award at LandOpt’s Annual Principals Meeting and Success Celebration in Daytona Beach, FL.

This is an extremely prestigious award, and was presented to Belknap Landscape for the extraordinary quality of work they provide for their clients. Along with the most recent President’s Award, Belknap Landscape has won several LandOpt awards in the past, including Contractor of the Year, Rookie Project Manager of the Year (Steve Osmer) and Account Manager of the Year (Randy Wood). This meeting and celebration is held each year to recognize the top performers in the LandOpt Network, and to discuss overarching commitments such as growth, continued success, strategic training, education and coaching.

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According to LandOpt, “The purpose of LandOpt’s prestigious President’s Award is to recognize the company that has shown the most significant growth internally and within the LandOpt Network, with particular focus on quality over quantity.” Belknap Landscape is honored to be recognized for our commitment to quality craftsmanship! When asked about the recognition, McLaughlin says,

We have been continuously refining our internal processes to become more efficient with our systems and delivering consistent services to our clients. This (award) means very much to me and my staff. Belknap could not have achieved this, without the strong staff that we have here. I stand proud beside all of them.”   

LandOpt Contractor Network empowers a network of highly qualified, independently owned landscapers like Belknap Landscape. Their mission is to maintain excellence in customer relationships through the use of their proprietary business operating system. LandOpt Contractor Network members enjoy best-in-class technology and professional training as well as improved marketing strategies and sales. Members gather for regular events, training sessions, and award to stay in touch with the latest industry updates.

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LandOpt Success Celebration and the President’s Award.

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