Belknap Landscape Welcomes Arborist Peter Schmidt

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We are proud to announce an addition to our team! Peter is an ISA certified arborist with 34 years of experience in arboriculture and is passionate about making a positive environmental impact within a professional landscape company.

Peter Schmidt Certified Arborist

Peter Schmidt Certified Arborist

He chose to join our team because, “Belknap had something to offer that no other company could: To have a positive environmental impact on a large, sensitive operating region. I have a lot of experience in organics and want to help roll it out on a larger scale. I like to be innovative and Belknap was by far the best fit for me.” As a landscape company with a passion for innovation and almost 30 years of experience, we are always looking for experienced individuals like Peter to help achieve success with our clients.

We agree that there is a lot to love about having a career in this industry. Specifically, Peter says his favorite part about it is, “Working with a cohesive team with vision is my favorite part. We all have different jobs but at the same time we have the same goals.” A landscape is created by several experts in their field working together as a collective unit to create the most extraordinary landscape possible. Arborists, designers, irrigation technicians, hardscape experts, garden services, and more specialty technicians make up a strong team prepared to tackle any problems along the way. The balance of individuality and collaboration is what makes this industry such an amazing place to build a lifetime career.

The great thing about having a professional arborist as part of a landscape team is the added expertise for the diagnosis, treatment, and the safe removal of trees. A consultation with an expert in arboriculture can help you take steps as the property owner to ensure the health of trees on the property. This is Peter’s tip for our readers. “Pay close attention to watering. Believe it or not, I see more over watering than under watering.  Did you know that a mature shade tree transpires hundreds of gallons of water on a hot day? Don’t forget that proper mulching also plays an important role in water retention.” If you’d like to schedule a consultation with Peter, click on the button below!

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We are always glad to welcome new expert technicians, because they are what sets us apart. This isn’t just a job for team members at Belknap Landscape. We are dedicated to our craft in the landscape industry. Peter Schmidt, our professional arborist, even has a favorite tree! “It’s the sugar maple in front of my old house that I climbed as a child. Sugar maples are still my favorite trees,” said Schmidt.

Once again, we are very excited to welcome our new addition to the Belknap Landscape team. Thanks for joining us, Peter!

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